"Dagos tabi sa magayon na  ciudad nin Sorsogon .... Sararo sarabay sa progreso "

In many years in public service, I have learned that if a leader wants genuine reforms, he must do so at a cost. But if we harness all positive forces together and work for a common goal, no task is insurmountable. My friends, today, dream with me of a city that can be better than what it is now. Believe with me that our problems can be reduced, not magically resolved. Plan with me to make the realistic changes that will actually make our people’s lives better than they are right now, and work with me to apply these plans to improve our city.

Let me remind my fellow public servants that we only fail in our duty when we spread division rather that unity; when we put ourselves and profit above our duty; when we replace service with politics. I am not a miracle worker, but I make things happen. An progreso kan satong ciudad possible kun kita gabos magtatarabang para maabot ini.  Hon. Leovic R. Dioneda  City Mayor 2010-2013




Robert "Bobet Lee" Rodrigueza  City Vice Mayor 2010-2013

C I T Y    C O U N C I L O R S

West District

Aldin Ayo

Peter Ravanilla

Nestor Baldon

Rogelio Jebulan

East District

Mike Go

Victorino Daria III

Charo Dichoso

Antonio Detera

Bacon District

Roque Divina

Danilo Deladia

Mario Duka

Iņigo Destacamento




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