"Dagos tabi sa magayon na  ciudad nin Sorsogon .... Sararo sarabay sa progreso "

The City of Sorsogon is one big ecotour package. It offers pristine and green, and still relatively undiscovered ecotour destinations. Welcome to Sorsogon City !!!

Rompeolas is Spanish for where the waves cavort, the old and still popular name up to this time for the old Sorsogon pier which juts into Sorsogon Bay. Indeed, the waves literally cavort around this arrow-like structure where small inter-island cargo vessels still dock every once in a while. It is a pleasant promenade, with fresh sea air, especially early in the morning. It affords one a magnificent panoramic view of Paguriran Island, and inland, a fairyland-like view of the Sts. Peter & Paul Cathedral with its colorful pointed spires. It is also here where sunset watchers flock in the late afternoons as the reddish-orange sun slowly hides behind the Pinaculan Island.





PAGURIRAN ISLAND Just off the excellent white beaches of Barangay Buenavista in Bacon District, the little island can be reached by motorized banca, either from the Bacon District center which will take about 40 minutes ride, or from Buenavista itself, which will take just 20 minutes. The island itself is very picturesque, with a kind of lagoon at its center with the earth and craggy rock wall enclosing it, jutting upwards, much like a volcano crater. In the past, the lagoon used to be a sanctuary for giant sea turtles or pawikan. Residents say there are plans to restore the pawikan sanctuary. At present, the waters surrounding the island is Bacon�s marine sanctuary.         

PNOC-ECOPARK Covering a total of 25,100 hectares forest reservation, straddling the Sorsogon-Albay boundary areas, the eco-park offers a lot of eco-tour delights and adventures. In the first place, the eco-park, which is being maintained and secured by the Philippine National Oil Co.- Energy Development Corp. (PNOC-EDC), is located in a mountainous area that is basically volcanic in nature. One can either hike-trek up or drive a vehicle up a winding 13-kilometer road to the geothermal facility, which is known as the Bacon-Manito Geothermal Plants I and II, or simply, BacMan. Bacon is in Sorsogon, while Manito is part of Albay province. Some of the features of the eco-park include the picturesque Botong Twin Falls just a few kilometers away from the PNOC Base Camp.

Tolong-Gapo & Bacon   Beach Resort : is the vernacular for �three stones. Legend has it that the three large stones - actually rocks -  that can be found just off the white sand beach here are that of a boy, a cat and a carabao who were turned into stones when they were struck by lightning. It is a local folk belief that you never play with a cat when there is a thunderstorm or risk being struck by lightning and be turned into stone. Lining the long stretch of the beach are cottages made of native materials for picnickers, operated by individual beach lot owners. There are also eateries and stores in the place where one can buy food and drinks. The resort is located in the Bacon District of Sorsogon City, just a 15-minute ride away from the center of the City.

Other Beautiful Spots of  Sorsogon City





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