"Dagos tabi sa magayon na  ciudad nin Sorsogon .... Sararo sarabay sa progreso "

          Republic Act No. 8806, which became a law in August 16, 2006 and was ratified by the constituents of the then municipalities of Sorsogon and Bacon that resulted in the merging of the municipalities, paved the way to the birth  of Sorsogon City. Sorsogon originated from the word "Sosogon" which means trace. This, after the colonizer, in their attempt to reach there destination, ask the local inhabitants for directions. Unable to understand the language, used by the visitors, the local folks just answered  them "SOSOGON", at the same time pointing towards the river, in a gesture of showing them the route. Thus, colonizer named the place "SOSOGON", which later on became SOLSOGON, and is now known as the famous CITY OF SORSOGON.  With the making of the City Sorsogon though the ratification of a plebiscite on December 16, 2000, it is but fitting to give tribute to its foundation. Thus, the Sosogon Festival was conceptualized and celebrated, with its first festivity held last December of 2007. The festival is aimed primary at giving significance on the birth of the city of Sorsogon which showcases and highlights the history and merging of the two former municipalities.






                A Union of Unique Fiestas  The merger of the then municipalities of Bacon and Sorsogon opens a new avenue for each constituency. Bringing programs closer to the people is just one innovation that will prove how the City Government is working...TOWARDS THE PEOPLE… The merger unifies the two municipalities, with its own unique heritage, history, culture and sceneries as  it paves the way to two municipalities gliding and soaring uniquely and harmoniously. As each municipality celebrates its own fiesta in honor of its patron saint/s who led to its spiritual maturity, more scintillating, dazzling and creative programs, never been seen and heard before are whisked to make the occasions more captivating and meaningful.

                BACON FIESTA: Maogmang Fiesta Sa Bacon Na Magayon   Five alluring nights completed the Bacon Fiesta package, starting with the ShowGay 2009 and Dance Concert, where Archie Caubang, Jason Dorado and Eduardo Jaymalin Jr. bagging first, second and third places respectively for the Showgay. To make the celebration more captivating Ballet de Sorsogon featuring G-Force Dancers graced the night enchanting Bacongon with their contemporary and interpretative swaying of hands and hips.  Libreng Dyaming (A Free Back to Back Concert sponsored by GSM and LGU Sorsogon City) followed. Tropicanos and band sponsored by GSM represented by Mr. Michael Ting, GSM Area Manager serenaded the night that gave life to melodies from different genre. Half notes, full notes, G-clef, sharp and base virtually echoed through the night.  On the third night of the festivities, BACIA Auditorium were filled with different young individuals, dance enthusiasts and party goers, who from seven till midnight danced and sweeped the dance floor with their free-style dance steps and break dancing. Imagine a twelve year old Bacongon imitating Mark Herras and Billy Joe Crawford, with  their bad boy break dance. Aldin Dineros, Ian Harold Damils and Michael Dioquino were the contest winners. Another event that showcased great dance is the Baile Grande, a ballroom dancing highlighting different barangays, and peoples’ organizations (POs) dancing to the tune of cha cha, tango and the controversial salsa. The grandeur event that speaks of sizzling and hot Male and Female Beauty and Body Search captivated the  spectators’ imagination. Men and Women wearing the elegant works of designers  allure and enthrall the  spectators. A two and half hour show exhibited and paraded talent managers’ craftsmanship with their Summer Wear, Creative Red Hot Costumes, Hawaiian Attire and Free style Bikini Fashion, with Mr. Kent Barrameda bagging all the minor awards and crowning him as Mr. Summer Hot Buddy 2009 and Ms. Rochelle Perez as Ms. Summer Hot Buddies and Best in Freestyle Bikini Fashion. Other awarded beauties and gents were Mr. Frederick Joseph Jimenez and Ms. Ashley Anne Himor as first runners-up, with Himor getting the award as Best in Creative Red Hot Costume and Mr. Jeffrey Toriente and Ms. Jennifer Viernes as second Runners-up and with other minor awards such as Best in Summer Wear and Hawaiian Attire for Ms. Viernes.

               Festival street dance showcased the history, culture and ethnicity of the City of Sorsogon with five participating contingents from Sorsogon National High School, Celestino G. Tabuena Memorial National High School, The Lewis College, Buhatan Integrated School, Computer Communication Development Institute with six other Barangays namely Rizal, Capuy, Abuyog, Talisay and Sirangan, tribu Katandog and the Alternative Learning System of the DepEd. Participants in their colorful and creatively designed costumes showed-off as they depicted the City’s history. Dance sport competition in the afternoon and Hip-hop Invitational Competition in the evening lined-up the festivities. Another region wide competition with cartwheel on the left, pa de buree on the right were truly appreciated. The City Government with the competent leadership of Hon. Leovic R. Dioneda continuously  deliver public service not only through food packs and porridges but also programs that nurture the soul.  



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